Blue raincoat ready to ship


COVERALLS is light, silent, comfortable, elegant, high quality, easy to take care.

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Raincoat overall fabric is first of all, not to restrict dogs movements and do not interfere with the rustling of the fabric, therefore the fabrics are not completely waterproof its more light waterresist. This is a protection against dirt,so we guarantee that the dirt will stay on the raincoat.

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Blue raincoat ready to ship

This product is only for medium size dogs, like westies, smaller spaniels, maltese's, scotties, cairns, bigger yorkies.. Smaller and bigger dog owners should contact us regarding custom order.

If you choose customisation it means your dogs is similar size like our size chart, but you wish to adjust the size even more accurate using exact dogs measures. But back length should be between 30 and 42 cm (11.5-16.5 in) and back should be between 45 and 60 cm (17.5-23.5 in). Otherwise please choose custom order, link is below description of this product.

Product description

Closer:safe zip, over back, plastic. Extra fabric to protect fur from getting into zip.

Arms:with length adjusters. Light reflects. Arm cuffs made of same fabric, not to get wet so easy. Elastic inside cuffs to keep arms in place.

Snoodpractical, useful and comfortable element. You can cover dogs head as much as you wish, as much dog allows. Width adjusters will let you fasten snood in preferred length. If you choose personalisation, we put name on snood.

Belly for girls is covered totally. For boys till its safe to pee. Pattern is adjusted for each gender, no need to cut anything.

Adjusters: head, neck, chest, arms, legs, belly. Adjusters let you adjust the size when dogs fur grow or after haircut, if size various in time. You can order bigger size for puppy to grow up together with dog.

Light reflects: on chest, arms, legs. It will make your dog more visible in darker period of day. Ligth reflect shines bright when light hits it.

Raincoat fabrics are selected not to restrict dog movement, are silent, breathable, thin and light. Fabrics are not completely waterproof to rain and water. This is a protection against dirt, and we guarantee that the dirt will stay on the raincoat. Raincoat fabric usually is 100% polyester.

Underlayer by default is a special technical fabric for raincoats (thin, light), pleasant to the body, minimal electrification. It is polyamide 100%, 100gr / m2, black color. There is option to put in fleece underlayer. Please let us know if you need warmer underlayer. As usually dogs are not cold and we need to protect them against dirt mostly.

How to take care of these raincoats:wash in washing machine, temperature should not be higher then 40 celsius degrees or 110 Fahrenheit, tumbling till 900. Let it dry naturally. Its not necessary to wash it every time you come back home. You can wash it under running water, wipe it off, or shake off dried mud.

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