Best Dog Raincoats Vision

As more valuable time with your pet as possible.

Best Dog Raincoats Mission

Develop meaningful and responsible relationship between the dog and owner.

Best Dog Raincoats main values


Responsibilities for us ourselves, our lives, actions and results. Responsibilities for those who depend on us. Responsibilities in front of nature, time, Universe.


We come to this World alone, we leave it alone, and what is left, is signs of our relationships. That's why we care about great partnership with friends, relatives, pets, neighbors, clients, suppliers.


From nature, back to nature. Healthy relationship with Time, Universe and Nature is our way of life. We seek to create additional value but do not compromise with sustainability, or engage consumption. We design new products that are made of recycled clothes, reuse fabric leftovers, we use better work system to reduce fabric leftovers and work power.

Every detail matters

Every tiny detail matters, as wholesome - combination of details - depends on details quality.

Meaningful activities

Greatest meaning of life is ability to enjoy every day, every moment. Our goal is to create such products, that add value, creates one more reason to enjoy.

If you promise you do it

We even names ourselves Best Dog Raincoats as a promise to ourselves and all of you, that our goal is to be better and better. To create more comfortable, more sustainable, easier to put on, better quality products every time. We seek to make process better, easier and faster, so you could enjoy your products as fast as possible.

CiuCiu komanda

We are young team named CiuCiu. We are inspired to create by love to our own dogs, white dogs. And White fur requires more attention, which we seek to give to your dog by saving from often bathing and your home by keeping it away from dirt.
Esame Rima, Rasa ir Aušrinė. Mūsų padėjėjos, įkvepėjos, testuotojos, draugės ir palydovės visur ir visada – westies Dina and Lilly.

Best Dog Raincoats inspiration​

We are settles in Kaunas, center of Lithuania. But we create to dogs from all over the world. 

Mylime šunis ir gyvenimą su jais. Atsiradus naujoms draugėms, namuose atsirado ir daugiau nešvaros. To pasekoje kilo idėja – kombinezonai šunims. 

Mūsų gaminami rūbai, ypač visą kūną dengiantys kombinezonai, padeda apsaugoti šuns kailį nuo purvo ir svarbiausia neparsinešti jo nei į mašiną, nei į namus. 

Kadangi mūsų namuose laksto vakarų škotijos baltieji terjerai, tai pirmieji modeliai buvo sukurti ir tobulinami būtent jiems. Dina ir Lilly – tarsi patyrę modeliai kantriai matavosi, fotografavosi su įvairių modelių rūbeliais. Bėgant metams prisijungė ir kitų veislių šuniukai, tai buvo ir yra įdomūs įšūkiai mūsų komandai. Tačiau pagrindinis mūsų kūrybos objektas vestukai ir vestukų kūno sudėjimo šuniukai, t.y. tie, kurie negali rasti sau tinkamo dydžio rūbų daugumoje parduotuvių – trumpi ir stambesni, ilgesni ir lieknesni, trumpesnėm kojom nors krūtinės apimtis didesnė.

Self conciseness and sustainability​

Since the beginning, when this was only a hobby, till today we took long way up. We became more self-conscious, we believe in sustainable fashion and love everything that is long lasting. We truly care what will be found after us. We care about nature. We love nature and all its creations, not only dogs. Caring about nature and our future makes us happy and important. This is our way of Jght for the better tomorrow for the world. We take care about our surrounding, about our souls and thoughts. We believe that growing up ourselves we make world a better place to live. Wishing to make this world a better place to live we start from ourselves and our work. And its personally important for each of us to make it better, make it bigger so that we could share this idea with others, to share work tasks and revenue with others. 

We develop not our work processes but our soles as well. And we develop to become better, work easier, earn more, make world better place.

While making only custom personal clothes it was always sad to witness how much fabric leftovers we had, how long we were cutting, sewing. Moreover, we were not satisJed with quality and noneffective work consumption. Not speaking about long unhappy client lines and sleepless nights, high energy consumptions. It was diPcult to make changes not changing whole system and evaluating idea on the whole.

Seeking to reduce consumption of energy, materials, work and enlarge happy clients number at the same time we had to make a new decisions about production. We had long discussions what and how to do. Conclusions lead us to optimising work process with special programs and some professional help.

Fabric leftovers were reduced three times after patterns were transferred to special program on computer and laid out on paper sheets for cutting. Big Thank you goes to Rasa.

Adjusting patterns to various sizes gave opportunity to work more efficient. We need less time to fulfill orders, less fabric leftovers, less work energy and costs.

After pattern modernization, we noticed regularities in sizes and decided to move from individual orders to wide and flexible size system. It lets us do more.

In the first time we had 40 sizes only for westie shape dogs.

We made further testing and developing as produce such amount of different sizes in advance is very expensive and not effective. 

At the moment we have 12 sizes for westies and westie body shape dogs, girls and boys each. And we are not going to stop here. For now those sizes that are not in the chart, are made like custom orders.

Delegation and sharing​

Cutting and sewing was dedicated to professionals because we felt like we have important tasks to do, while our clothes are made using patterns that are improved while long year of practice. We have goals to achieve sustainability, better quality, think more about improving designs, creating new designs, improving process, Jnd new personalities to join our super vision. We believe that work done by professionals not only improves quality of product but also opens possibilities for idea and work place sharing. Shared work tasks lets enjoy life for more people, and gives more leisure time for us of course. Which means we are happier and we can be more useful to our clients. Only rested hearts can love deeply and rested mind can be open to new possibilities and solves problems like its not a problem at all. Of course we get more invoices in this case, but we have more time to promote and sell the product, so it means we create work places.

High quality fabrics​

We use high quality long lasting fabrics to achieve better sustainability. We want that our clothes would be worn as many times as possible. High quality and clever chosen fabrics does not distract dog and does not restrict dog moves. We really care how dogs feel. That is main rule creating new designs and improving old ones.

We do not promote consuming itself. In our shop you will and only useful clothes for dogs. In our vision dogs wear clothes not to be even more cute, they are cute enough themselves, but to protect dogs fur, your car and home from dirt. And less dirt means less cleaning, which means less chemicals, less human energy, less electricity power usage.

Simple product caring (you can wash it by hands, easy regime without special chemicals). It means not only less chemicals but less electricity power and human energy for taking care.

We love and care about future and our nature. It matters what will be found after us. While making only custom personal clothes it was always sad to witness how much fabric leftovers we had, how long we were cutting, sewing. Moreover, we were not satisfied with quality and noneffective work consumption. Not speaking about long unhappy client lines and sleepless nights, high energy consumptions. It was difficult to make changes not changing whole system and evaluating idea on the whole.

You enjoy, we take care​

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