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Clothes for dogs: high quality, elegant, sustainable, comfortable, silent, cosy, light, custom, individual, practical, useful. Inspired by love to our sweet girls.

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Our advantages

Beautiful gift

Made in Europe

Wide range of sies, custom, individual made

Free worldwide shipping

Sustainable and long-lasting product

High quality

Carefully selected fabrics let us create a durable, comfortable and beautiful clothes. When choosing fabrics we take into account: durability, softness, lightness of the fabric, sound when touching and moving it, the electrifying properties, the permeability to air and water, the ease of care.

Sustainability and longevity

Carefully selected fabrics, professional stitching and thoughtful design allow us achieve high product durability and sustainability. Sustainable products allow nature to be protected, simply because they last a long time. Tvarūs gaminiai leidžia tausoti gamtą, vien dėl to, kad ilgai tarnauja. 


We believe that beauty lies in simplicity. Therefore, the designs we create will be characterised as high quality and minimalist design product. We focus on comfort and do not overload clothes with unnecessary details or busy designs. We are sure that the dog decorates the clothes, not the opposite. We create practical and useful clothes that help preserve the beauty and health of the dog and help save the owners time.


Many years of experience in creating, editing and testing patterns allow us to create extremely comfortable clothes for various breeds.

Silence, cosiness and lightness

When choosing a fabric, we pay attention to the properties of the fabric, which affect the pet's comfort: sound, softness, electrification. We specially choose thinner, lighter and quieter fabrics so that the clothes do not compete dogs movement and dog would not be afraid to move. The light and quiet fabric will allow your friend to feel free. Non-electrifying fabrics will protect the coat from matts.

Custom and individual made

We have 20 sizes scale for medium only sized dogs. The scale has been created to make the ordering process easier: it is easier for you to choose, and we get all the details of the order faster. But all clothes are sewn individually after order is made. We do not keep stock yet. If you provide measures in the comments, we will make some adjustments to the pattern to better suit your needs.

For larg and small dogs, we sew individually, and ask to provide measures instead of offering you a size scale. We are sure that each breed has its own uniqueness and there can be no one model adapted to one hundred 15kg dogs. We are for keeping individual sewing to each.

Practical and useful

We create clothes your dog needs. We create clothes your dog needs to wander around, run through the dirt, climb through the bushes, not feel the wind and rain, avoid hooks, ticks, could escape washing, you minimise dirt in the car and at home. Our goal is to allow your dog to remain a dog but at the same time make you free from additional worries and save more time just to enjoy the friendship.

Inspired by love to our sweet girls

These clothes were born out of a personal need to protect white fur from the not recommended frequent washing. We love our puppies, and your puppies too. We care about their well-being. We express this through this creative activity. If you want to see more of our behind stories, we invite you to follow us on social media. Please say hello if you see us there.

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